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NEW for 2023!

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Pirates Cave Productions provides products and services for the haunt industry. We specialize in thematic design, tech integration, and social media marketing. 

Built By Haunters, for Haunters!

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Meet Dave & Jacob Larson

The Creators of Pirate's Cave Productions

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New to the neighborhood, Dave started

the unofficial Pirate's Cave back in 1999.

The first year Dave simply stood out in the front yard with a "Phantom of the Opera" mask and a shovel, and ever since then the haunt has been evolving. 

In 2004, his son Jacob was born into the haunt life. Over the years, Jacob grew a strong passion for Halloween and slowly began to help his dad more and more every year to construct the annual haunted house at their home.   

In 2019 during the COVID lockdowns, we designed & created an 8-minute multi-screen live stage show with 8 live actors. It all took place in our front yard! The show included 18 DMX lights, 2 video screens, water effects, air effects, and fog machines that were all programmed from a central show controller. Over 3,000 people attended the event over 6 nights. The event was set up to comply with state-wide COVID concerns. The show received numerous positive reviews.


2021 was our last year as a home haunt and was the most ambitious to date with

"Pirate's Cave the Curse of Calico Jack".  

We challenged ourselves to ramp up the immersion with a story-driven experience for our guests. The event was 3X the size of our previous walkthroughs. The highlights were: motion-simulated elevator, dropping bridge, and DMX lighting. 4,700 people attended the event over 9 nights and the attraction received numerous accolades. 

For 2022 Dave went on to create a professional haunt with Dark Harvest & Jacob was hired full-time to work for the Special Effects department at Knott's Berry Farm. He is heavily involved in their annual Knott's Scary Farm Event. Dave now provides products and services for the haunt industry. If you need help with your professional haunt, keep us in mind. 


Dave Larson & Adam Leblanc

Dark Harvest 2022 

Jacob Larson

Knotts Scary Farm 2022


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